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Many jobs in the natural resource sector involve digging and drilling into the earth. Working in this environment can be dangerous, which is why it’s crucial that all workers in the natural resource industry have the necessary skills to efficiently execute their jobs without getting hurt. That’s why By The Book Safety Services & Training Inc. offers comprehensive ground disturbance training courses to ensure that employees have the knowledge to perform without putting themselves in harm’s way.

Ground Disturbance Level I and II  (Global)

This course shows students how to dig safely using six steps:

  • Pre-Job Planning
  • Searching the Area
  • Notification Process
  • Marking the Ground and Line Locating
  • Exposure
  • Inspection

You will gain knowledge on how dig safely, how to avoid any type of contact with underground facilities and how to make an emergency response plan. We also cover legislation from Alberta Energy Regulations and Occupational Health and Safety. This course is divided into two levels of certification: Level I and Level II.


Level I Ground Disturbance

Level I Ground Disturbance gives students the skills to identify a serious safety hazard during a dig or underground excavation. This course also teaches students when to stop work and inform a supervisor about a potential safety hazard. The pre-job planning phase of the course teaches students how to more effectively design work projects to avoid potential safety hazards. Students in this course will learn how to define a ground disturbance, as well as the basic code of practice for ground disturbances and why there is a need for one. Participants in this course are always under the direct supervision of a Level II certified Ground Disturbance supervisor.

Long Term Exposure

The Level II Ground Disturbance Course is designed for anyone supervising ground disturbances, performing independent ground disturbances, or issuing ground disturbance permits. Those who pass the Level II Ground Disturbance training must be familiar with all legislation and regulation regarding ground disturbances.

This course teaches students how to manage ground disturbances from start to finish—from the planning until after the final dig. Students learn how to navigate the necessary approval process in order to begin a dig or underground excavation. This course also covers how to handle employee-identified safety hazards and how to create a comprehensive emergency response plan.

Both Level I and Level II Ground Disturbance Courses are assessed by a competency exam written at the end of the course. Certification is issued for a three year period upon successful completion of the course and exam. This certification is approved by the Alberta Common Ground Alliance (ABCGA).

Making sure that your dig is properly planned and executed is the best way to ensure the safety of your workers. By The Book Safety Services & Training Inc. can give your workforce the necessary skills to perform digs and excavations safely and efficiently.

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