worker with safety harness


At By The Book Safety Services & Training Inc., we recognize the importance of a safe workplace, especially in the natural resource industry. That’s why we provide safety training courses that have been approved by the Oil Sands Safety Association (OSSA). Upon completion of these courses, employees will receive official certification from the OSSA, which has a mandate to provide the tools to create an incident-free workforce. Here is a brief overview of the main OSSA courses taught by our professional and qualified instructors.


OSSA Training Fall Protection, OSSA (Fusion Safety)

The instructor shares practical experiences with the class, as we look at how to protect oneself while working from a highly elevated platform. The instructor shows students how to fit and don a harness (body holding device), and how to select a stable anchor point. Pre-use harness and anchor point inspection is demonstrated and students are told why and when the inspection is to be done. The instructor will look at manufacturer’s specifics, cover legislation, and demonstrate the use of multiple pieces of equipment, as well as the safe storage and use of equipment. This is a one-day course.


Elevated Work Platform, OSSA (Fusion Safety)

The OSSA Elevated Work Platform Course is a one-day course on the safe use of various lifts, including lifts under 80 feet and those over 80 feet. The instructor goes through pre-use inspection, function checks, legislation, and related PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) requirements. This course prepares workers to use all the safety features of the lifts and includes practical demonstrations, so workers can take the skills they learn during the course and apply them to the workplace.


Confined Space Entry and Monitor, OSSA (Fusion Safety)

Our experienced instructors will show students how to identify, eliminate, and control hazards in and around confined and restricted areas. We cover use and inspection of your personal protective equipment, gas detection, and rescue planning. We also cover all the relevant legislation, so workers can be prepared for the legal ramifications of unsafe operations. This is a full-day course with lots of practical exercises.



It’s critical that any company involved in the natural resource industry follow the safety guidelines created by the Oil Sands Safety Association (OSSA). These guidelines inform the procedures and behaviors that will create an efficient, productive and accident-free workplace. These guidelines are also the industry standard for safe workplace operations. Without OSSA certification, you company may not meet the criteria to be considered a safe and productive work environment.

If your workers are performing below industry standards, your company could face negative scrutiny and even legal consequences. Keep your company protected and your workforce safe by arming your employees with the necessary practical skills of OSSA workplace training courses.

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