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At By the Book Safety Services & Training Inc., we offer a wide range of safety training development courses to satisfy virtually every training need you may have. If we do not have it ready to deliver, we will find or develop a course that specifically meets your required objectives. This includes free, onsite inspections and price quotes.

Commitment to Safety

Our instructors have extensive experience in the field, as well as in industrial training. Our front-end staff is very well versed in business and safety administration. All of our instructors are certified by the National Construction Safety Officer Program (NSCO). We follow all necessary policies and procedures according to Occupation Health and Safety Act, as well as legislation from all pertinent governing bodies, such as Enform and The Oil Sands Safety Association (OSSA).

Why is Safety Training Important?
  • Preventing workplace accidents by teaching operational standards and procedures.
  • Preventing any medical and legal issues that can arise from workplace accidents and improper operational procedures.
  • Increasing communication about safety standards between employees and between employees and their supervisors.
  • Creating accountability in the situation of workplace accidents.
  • Increasing productivity by developing the skills necessary to perform duties in a safe and effective way.

At By the Book Safety Services & Training Inc., we recognize that every workplace is different. The learning strategies that are effective in one environment may not be useful in another. That’s why we offer personalized safety training programs that cater to the needs of your employees and supervisors.

We provide training at our facilities as well as on-site training so you can learn within your own work space. We also offer time flexible scheduling, so you can get the training you need without disrupting your business or the lives of your employees. Our commitment to the flexibility in the design and delivery of course content allows us to meet your specific needs and to deliver the training when and where it suits you.

Our goal at By the Book Safety Services & Training Inc. in Fort Saskatchewan, AB is to provide top notch safety training instruction to our clients and the public, in order to reduce incidents and accidents at the work site. With our practical components, audio and visual resources, small class sizes and excellent instruction, we believe in the students’ higher ability to learn and retain the information we present to them.

Our courses include: publicly advertised training, training management systems, client specific instruction, and safety course and program development.

If your company is looking to update your safety training in a practical and convenient way, contact us for the professional and personalized safety training program that’s right for you.